Mail Washing Machine: keep spam out from your inbox!

by MGShareware
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Mail Washing Machine: keep spam out from your inbox!

Mail Washing Machine is a suite of product and services aimed to stop spam emails before they arrive in your  mailbox.

Born as an experiment to fight the growing problem of SPAM back in 1998 (!!), thanks to open source software such as Sendmail, Spamassassin, Mailscanner, Pyzon, Razor, DCC, KAM and many others, and thanks to effort of many the expert developers at D3C Srl  who contributed their knowledge to the project, now Mail Washing Machine is the top notch software filter available.

In 2009, the product has become a service infrastructure based in a leading Italian ISP, and continued his protection watch over many thousand of mailboxes. Today Mail Washing Machine is delivered as a service or on-premises, depending on the needs of the customer.

The team of people maintaining it has expanded, welcoming professionals who develop the product, adapt it to its new goals and  constantly monitor it to be ready to quick-respond to the daily increasingly email attacks. 

This brilliant platform can now protect your inbox from spam, phishing, viruses, trojans or malwares hidden in attachments and many others security risks.

If you are tired to see spam in your mailbox, give Mail Washing Machine a try!

Mail Washing Machine