Emailrazor: easy email list check for professional email marketing

by MGShareware
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Emailrazor: easy email list check for professional email marketing

Number one advice for high open rates in email marketing campaigns is to keep contact list clean.

EmailRazor is an indispensable tool for companies sending mass emails, which determines whether or not a list of email addresses is fully valid and deliverable. The process involves an address-by-address deep analysis of each email on an uploaded list.

EmailRazor can automatically validate thousand email addresses while respecting your users privacy - no email is sent in the verification process.

Email marketing is without a doubt a great sales strategy with proven success for thousands of business owners. It is a great outreach program with usually guarantee a high conversion rate, but at certain conditions. One of them is that the email s list you send your ,essage tois carefully validated to avoid spending money to send emails that none will ever read, and to avoid a high number of hits on non-existent or fake mailboxes that can affectsnegatively your sender reputation.

Verification process includes many steps:

  • Formal validation: address is validated against forma email syntax rules
  • Role accounts: does address refers to a person or to a role (like sales, postmaster or admin)?
  • Domain verification: is email address domain valid, existent and can it actually receive emails?
  • Catchall Domain: is domain configured to refuse non existent email addresses?
  • Disposable domain: domain is checked against a huge list of disposable email providers (disposbale emails are created for a specific purpose and usually expires after few hours)
  • SMTP check: can address actually receive emails?

EmailRazor performes all these steps on each one of the emails  in your list and gives you back a list with all valid, invalid and suspicious email addresses including all the details of the checks and a final score that helps you quickly evaulate the quality of the email address.

EmailRazor is a professional tool, built for the email marketing professional and, at the same time, very easy to use.

EmailRazor email list checker